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Starcraft 2 Betting Tips for Beginners

It’s not unknown that Starcraft II is one of the most appreciated real-time strategy video games on the planet. As the Starcraft franchise has been around for such a long time, it only makes sense that Starcraft 2 betting became a big thing too.

But not all fans are aware of the professional side of the game, respectively the eSports one. As such, you may be curious to find out more and use this as a way to earn some additional money by making an SC bet.

How to Play Starcraft 2

If you knew about Starcraft 2 but never played it, you should know that knowing how to play is an essential part before making Starcraft 2 bets. After all, you need to understand the game to be able to understand Starcraft betting too.

This game isn’t played in teams, unlike many other famous eSports at the moment. Instead, it has a one-versus-one format, and it can be played on three or five different maps. The first player that wins will be the one to take the prize and the title.

It is important to understand that in every Starcraft II match, you have to choose from three species, respectively Terran, Protoss or Zerg. You will play as one of these races, and each one comes with its own abilities, aesthetics and so on. You will have a base consisting of 12 workers, and you have to use all of your resources to be able to destroy the enemy base.

What Events Are Available for Starcraft 2 Betting

Don’t worry – you have a lot of events to choose from for making a Starcraft 2 bet. These events are very entertaining to watch, and you can watch the best teams try to win the prize pools. One such event is the Intel Extreme Masters tournament series, hosted by ESL. Another one is the World Championship Series, which is hosted by Blizzard Entertainment.

If you want to bet on Starcraft 2, then these events are some of the best, so don’t hesitate to look out for them.

How to Bet?

  1. Pick the right type of bet. There are multiple types of Starcraft 2 betting that you could place. You can, for instance, place a future bet, which is referring to who will be the winner of the tournament. However, you can also bet on who you think is going to win that particular match.
  2. Learn as much as you can about Starcraft 2 players. When betting on Starcraft 2, you have to consider the different playing styles of all players. This will help you come up with a nice, effective strategy.
  3. Check out the odds and predictions. These will prove to be very helpful when you have to think of who is going to win.

Final Thoughts

Starcraft 2 is a big part of eSports, and so is Starcraft 2 betting. Hopefully, you will now have a much easier time making bets on the game.