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New Overwatch Bug Benefits Widowmaker

New Overwatch Bug Benefits Widowmaker

Now and then, people discover bugs in the games they play, and this time, it happened to be Overwatch that has a bug. Widowmaker players are the happiest with this bug because they’re the ones benefitting from it.

It all got revealed thanks to an Overwatch streamer. The bug is allowing Widowmaker to jump without dealing with the Grapple cooldown.

Revealing the Bug

The streamer, who goes under the username Syrneh, was playing on Hanamura when he revealed the bug. What he did was head towards a Point C spot. That’s where a sniper would usually use Grapple to perform jump shots.

But what happened shocked all of the stream watchers. Instead of having a cooldown, a bug prevented it from activating. What the streamer did was pretty much jump just like they were using Grapple, and this was allowing him to fire shots as much as he wanted. If you take a look at videos of the bug, you will see that Widowmaker can jump and shoot continuously, so a cooldown doesn’t prevent the hero from attacking anymore. Widowmaker can thus put a lot of pressure on the competing team.

Playing against Widowmaker will become very troublesome for many now. All the Widowmaker player has to do is grapple onto a wall or a flat surface. This way, the cooldown will remain at zero.

User MacSiderman also gave an explanation of the bug in a Reddit post from January 19. According to him, they made an update to the Grapple which allowed the cooldown to be refunded when you hook a wall or flat surface. Momentum stays the same, though.

Blizzard Didn’t Fix It

The bug is not exactly new – it was only discovered more recently. Despite existing for a while, Blizzard didn’t fix it in new patches. Now that people are talking about it and bringing awareness, chances are it will end up being fixed.

This bug allows Widowmaker to jump whenever the player wants with this trick. The cooldown thing may be a huge advantage for the player, but opponents may take advantage of it too. Widowmaker could retreat with the cooldown when she’s dove by Winston or D.Va.

Now, we can only wait and see if Blizzard fixes it. Hopefully, they do, so things become balanced.

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