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Modern Warfare’s Season 6 Has a New Trailer that Unveils What’s Coming Up in the Game

Modern Warfare’s Season 6 Has a New Trailer that Unveils What’s Coming Up in the Game

A new trailer has just been released, featuring the new Season 6 additions to Modern Warfare and Warzone. Call of Duty fans have been very excited waiting for the trailer, and the excitement has been fed by the reveals made by the trailer. The community is very excited about the Black Ops Cold War. However, it’s only going to release on the 13th of November. In the meantime, people will have to look forward to an additional season of the present CoD title.

In the trailer, fans were able to see the things that are about to be added to the game. This includes one of the recently released weapons, as well as new Operators, and the subway system code previously shown in Warzone a while ago.

What New Things Were Shown in the Season 6 Trailer?

A few things have been revealed to the Call of Duty community. These are:

  • New Operators

Farah and Nikolai are the new operators that were shown in the trailer for the new season. If you’re someone who also played just any Modern Warfare campaign, then you surely know who these characters are. Nikolai is a friend of Captain Prince, one that you get the chance to meet. Farah, on the other hand, is someone you work with during the story more, and the founder of the Uszikstani Liberation Force.

The two characters are going to become part of multiplayer and Warzone. Because of the things that are taking place in the campaign and the actions of Mr. Z, the antagonist who is causing trouble on Verdansk. They will be Operators.

The two will join as part of the S6 Battle Pass. While Nikolai will be the Tier 100 Operator, you can get Farah instantly, at Tier 0. They will, of course, have three different styles that you can customize based on what you like.

  • New Weapon

One of the highlights of any new season is gun addition. Two new guns are always added at the beginning of every season, so the same will happen with season 6. Just one of the guns was presented in the trailer, though. Call of Duty fans are very observant, and they easily saw which gun will be added. Apparently, it is the AS VAL assault rifle. It’s the same gun that Nikolai was holding at the end.

Aside from the fact that was shown in the trailer, the AS VAL assault rifle was also leaked by a dataminer, known as BKTOOR in the CoD community. People have already seen gameplay footage of the gun, so they know what to expect. What’s cool is that for rifles, it seems to come with an increased fire-rate.

As for the second weapon, it wasn’t shown yet. CoD fans are speculating that it could either be the AA-12 shotgun from MW2, or the R700 sniper rifle that was improved from CoD 4. People believe that one of them in going to be released once the season starts with AS VAL. The second will be released somewhere during the season.

Considering they will be included in the free content package from the Battle Pass, all of these weapons are going to be free for everyone in the game. You only need to ensure you either buy them or grind the tiers, and you’ll be able to unlock them.

  • Warzone Subway

While watching at the trailer, players were able to notice that the action takes place in a tunnel underground. It’s a place that people didn’t see in Warzone or multiplayer in the past, so of course, everyone thinks this is the subway tunnel that was leaked for the BR previously.

Apparently, the game’s developers had plans to add an underground tunnel system to Verdansk. This would basically become the second big transportation form that they added after the Cargo Train, which was added back when season 5 started.

No details have been given yet regarding the addition of the subway tunnel, though. It isn’t unlikely for it to work similar to the train, though, in the way people would be able to make use of the moving cars to travel on the map.

A map was also shown at one point during the trailer. As such, viewers could see that there are going to be seven stops on Verdansk. It starts at the Airport. Then, it goes through Gorengard Lumber Yard, Stadium, Downtown, Promenade, Train Station, and Tosk Bloc. The Call of Duty League’s Championship Weekend broadcast also gave a quick view of the way the stops may look like.

On the map of the subway, here is what each point is going to mean:

  • The Verdansk International Airport – M1
  • The Verdansk Stadium – M2
  • The Gorengard Lumber Yard – M3
  • Downtown Tavorsk District – M4
  • Barakett Promenade East – M5
  • The Verdansk Train Station – M6
  • Torsk Bloc – M7

When Will Season 6 Be Released?

People are, of course, waiting for the release of the season, especially huge fans of Modern Warfare & Warzone. Well, the trailer said that the season is supposed to be released on September 29, when a huge game update will also appear. It’s not yet known at what time the patch will be available, but if we go about it based on the past releases, it could be at 11 PM PT, so that would be 2 AM ET the next morning.

Final Thoughts

This is all we know at the moment regarding the season 6 release. While the things mentioned will be released, you can expect multiple other things to be revealed during the following days, so keep an eye on the news for new weapons, maps, and anything of the sort.

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