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League of Legends 10.20 Patch Is Bringing Some New Updates

League of Legends 10.20 Patch Is Bringing Some New Updates

League of Legends comes with a new patch, and people are, as usual, excited for it. Patch 10.20 is bringing nerfs, buffs, and changes to the game. September 30 is the date the patch is getting released. Although LoL Worlds is about to begin, it will stay on the 10.19 patch during the entire event. As such, Riot can start making changes to the game and thus to the champions for ranked without messing up the competitive meta of the game.

Katarina and Other Heroes are Getting Nerfs

Just like with every patch, some heroes are going to be nerfed with patch 10.20. More than half a dozen champions are going to receive nerfs.

One of the main champions getting it is Katarina, and this is important to know since she’s such a popular hero. She has been crazy in patch 10.19 and her performance was unstoppable by her opponents. Therefore, some thought it was time for Katarina to be nerfed. Her win rate is 52.47%, whereas the pick rate is 6.56%. Aside from Katarina, other heroes on top of platinum ranks with high pick rates are Nunu (53.37%), Lulu (52.10%), and jungle Karthus (51.83%). The heroes have been chosen to get nerfs in the upcoming patch. Other characters that are also getting nerfed include Kled, Maokai, and Kassadin, who also had high win rates, respectively rates over 50%, for the past few patches.

Buffs in Store for Varus, Ryze, and Aatrox

While a number of champions are being nerfed, others are getting buffs. The three main picks for buffs in the upcoming patch are Aatrox, Ryze, and Varus, heroes that were already an unstoppable trio in matches. They will become an even stronger enemy trio with the buffs they are getting.

Other than that, Braum and Illaoi are getting buffs as well, and the same goes for Urgot and Sion. The last two ones will get some power for their jungle off-roles.

New Skin Line Released

Who doesn’t love skins in League of Legends? Riot Games knows that skins are one of the things players cherish a lot, and they are releasing the Dragonmancer skin line with patch 10.20. As part of this amazing skin release, heroes like Sett, Lee Sin, Ashe, Brand, and Aurelion Son will be getting new looks under the new skin line.

A Prestige version of the Dragonmancer skin will be available to Sett once the next patch is getting released, and it’s possible to get the new look for 2,000 tokens in the Worlds 2020 in-game event shop. Therefore, lots of grinding will be required for you to be able to get it.

Planned Changes for the New 10.20 Patch

Not only are there buffs and nerfs for some characters, but some changes are also being planned for various heroes. If you’re playing as any of them during your matches, then you should memorize the information and prepare to use the champion according to the tweaks the developers are making. Some runes are also getting updates.

  1. Champions 
  • Aatrox

Aatrox will have the R healing amp going from 50-70 to 50-100%.

  • Katarina

Katarina’s passive damage attack damage ratio will get a 75% bonus attack damage.

  • Karthus

The armor will go from 20.88 to 18, and the base health point regeneration will be reduced to 6 from 6.5.

  • Kassadin

The Q shield goes from 60-160 to 40-160.

  • Illaoi

The tentacle span cooldown, which was 20-12, will become 20-8 per champion level.

  • Braum

The Q damage increases from 60-260 to 75-275, and the mana cost goes down from 55-75 to 45-65.

  • Ryze

Q damage becomes 75-175 from 65-165.

  • Nunu

The base armor decreases from 32 to 29,

  • Kled

Base magic resist changes from 32.1 to 29.

  • Sion

Q damage to monsters will be 150%.

  • Lulu

The W attack speed goes down to 20-35%, while beforehand it was 25-45.

  • Urgot

Urgot gets his passive monster cap from 60-360 to 100-360, and his new W damage will deal 50 minimum damage to monsters.

  • Maokai

Maokai’s Q damage will go from 70-250 to 70-230.

  • Varus

E damage is increased from 50-210 to 60-220. On the other hand, R cooldown is decreased from 130-70 to 120-60.

  1. Runes

Relentless Hunter (Domunation) will get changes to the baseline out of combat movement speed which will get from 10 to 5, and the out of combat movement speed per stack decreases from 9 to 8.

The changes are exciting for many fans, and the patch is awaited. The buffs and nerfs will benefit many people in different ways for sure.

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