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Dota 2 Random Game


How to do Some Dota 2 Betting the Right Way

Valve Corporation made the right decision by helping develop Dota 2 because it is one of the most popular games in the MOBA genre. With the number of players increasing, there was also an increase in the number of people accessing Dota 2 betting sites, attempting to win some cash. If you’re interested in Dota 2 betting, you cannot play around – you need to make proper Dota bets and not risk losing all of your savings doing it. Here are some tips to help you out.

Learn How Dota Is Played

It should go without saying but knowing how Dota 2 is played will help you a lot when betting. Understanding the game will be useful when coming up with a strategy and predicting who is going to win a match. There is a 5-member team format, and there are two teams competing. Each team has a base, and the teams will send creeps to attack the opposing team. The aim is to destroy the ancient building in the enemy base, and whoever does so is the winner.

Not to mention, there are also different roles that each member will fulfill in the team, depending on the heroes they choose. They can be supports, carries, initiators, pushers, and so on.

When Can You Bet?

There are specific times during the year when you can make Dota 2 bets, and that is when tournaments take place. With Dota 2 being one of the biggest eSports in the world, you will not have difficulty doing Dota betting. On the contrary, actually.

Probably the largest tournament on Dota 2 is the Dota 2 International Championships. The prize pool for this event increases with each passing year, thanks to it being crowdfunded from battle passes. In 2019, the prize pool surpassed $34 million.

Of course, there are many others too, such as DreamLeague, ESL One and The Dota Summit. You can bet depending on your possibilities and preferences for events.

Dota 2 Betting – How to Do It Right

As tempted as you may be to go until you win, it’s not recommended to use all your funds. Especially if you’re new on a Dota 2 betting site, you have to spend the amount of cash that you are ready to lose. Don’t go any further if it would have bad influences on your life.

Before the tournament takes place, take your time to do some research. Research the past of the teams and see how many times they’ve won in previous tournaments and decide if they are likely to win this time. Getting to know their style will make it easier to predict the outcome.

When making a Dota bet, you have to be sure you’re doing the right thing. If you check odds before betting on a team’s success, you have higher chances to win.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you make your bets, Dota 2 should not be left out of the question. It can be fun and could pay off if you know how to do it. We hope our quick guide will help you with your future betting.