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BTS Dance Emotes Revealed by Fortnite Leak

BTS Dance Emotes Revealed by Fortnite Leak

Fans of Fortnite and BTS can now join together and enjoy some amazing emotes in the game. BTS made an amazing impression with their hit Dynamite, and as a result, Fortnite will include a song performance in the popular game. Everything was revealed by a leak, and fans of both the game and the band are excited and cannot wait to see them. This is not the first collaboration Fortnite is doing, but it’s surely one of the most awaited ones.

The Collaboration

Fortnite has done a lot of big collaborations in the past. They had them with John Wick, Marvel, and many other huge artists, properties, or brands. At the moment, it seems that Fortnite is not planning to give up on this. They are just engaging in a collaboration with BTS, a boy band from South Korea loved by many people all across the world.

The actual event takes place on Friday, September 25th at 8 PM EDT/1 AM BST/5 PM PDT. The performance is a must-see for all BTS fans as people will be able to see the members of the band making a debut choreography of their hit song, Dynamite.

The song is pretty recent, as it’s only been released for a little over a month. But of course, BTS fans didn’t fail to bring it close to 400 million hits on YouTube. If some of the same fans are playing Fortnite, they will be in awe as they’ll be among the first to see the new choreography.

BTW is popular for how good and catchy their songs are, so the event will surely make a good impression on everyone paying attention to it.

Game Additions

The choreography is not the only highlight of the whole event. Fans will also be happy with the updates made to the item shop, where they can get BTS-themed things. It’s another opportunity for fans to show their love for this band.

The most awaited items are new character skins. Emotes are also very awaited. Thanks to a known Fortnite dataminer under the name of iFireMonkey, two of the emotes have been revealed to the public. One of them is a standard dance routine that plays a part of Dynamite whenever it repeats. The other one is a little more special, as it allows the player using the emote to light up by shooting sparkles and stars from their fingertips.

Fans only have to wait for the emotes to be added, and then they can play around with them as much as they want. Everything will be unlocked at the right time. Some may only be offered to those who attend the performance too. If you want them, make sure to attend the event too.

The event will take place twice, so people have more options when it comes to when they can join. The second one takes place on September 26th, at 8 am EDT/1 pm BST/5 am PDT and 2 pm CEST.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you don’t miss the event because there’s a lot you can get. Aside from that, you’ll just see an impressive performance.

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BTS Dance Emotes Revealed by Fortnite Leak